How to Use Pinterest for Business

You may have heard about some of the recent changes Pinterest has made to its site and functionality, but what exactly does that mean for you as a business owner? In this post, we are going to break down some of the ways that this photo-sharing site can help you reach your target audience and connect you to your target audience.

Promote contests

“Pin it to win it” contests have been executed by Volkswagen, Macy’s, and Lands End to name just a few. Unlike Facebook (where contests must be hosted in a dedicated app), Pinterest allows businesses to launch a contest with little planning, a small budget, and some creativity. If you are a food distributor, start a campaign that encourages your audience to create delicious recipes using your seasonal fruits and vegetables. Do you sell goods online? Maybe you can have users pin photos to your boards of them wearing your products at sporting events, concerts, out with friends, etc. Award the pinner with the most creativity. The idea is to make your contest interactive and fun!

Create an employee board

Think for a moment about your favorite book shop and the employee favorite books that often get their own shelves. This is another great way to get creative and show customers what your company is all about. If you own a wedding studio, have your photographers display their favorite pictures in a Pinterest board. Or if you are the owner of a hair salon, have each stylist create a board with their hairstyle makeovers.

Show off your goods!

You’re in luck if you sell goods online. Pinterest now has a new feature that allows users to see the pricing, availability, and where to buy items just underneath the photo. This is a perfect place to highlight your new line of products or items you are trying to move off the shelves.

Create how-to videos

As we discussed in our recent Vine post, how-to videos are an immensely useful way of showcasing and explaining how your product works. This is a value-added service that will create top-of-mind awareness for users interested in a particular item or service.

How do you use Pinterest to promote your product?