4 Common Mistakes To Avoid with Facebook Ads

There’s no doubt that Facebook provides an in-depth advertising platform with a broad audience for nearly every type of business. Whether you are a do-it-yourself entrepreneur or a marketing agency, like Sneeze It, Facebook Ads give you the ability to reach your target audience using influential insights, in an effective and cost-efficient way.

After years of working with different clients in various industries, here a few drawbacks that we’ve found and overcome at Sneeze It:

Not Investigating your Audience

Facebook is home to a diverse crowd of consumers, and depending on what you are trying to market, your prospective audience might need some improvement. So it is imperative to spend time and effort from the get go to analyze your niche.

When it comes to attracting your audience, another aspect you want to avoid is targeting an audience that is too broad. An excellent way to narrow down your lookalike audiences is with interests. To help target a smaller and more concentrated audience for your ads, try testing out different interests. Once you’ve found the perfect combination, you’ll have a more focused audience, and your cost per click and conversion rates will start going down.

Not Testing Enough

Ads are not a “one-size fits all.” As we mentioned before, your audience is diverse, but there are still ways to create impactful ads that lead to higher lead generation.

When it comes to Facebook Ads, you have to put yourself in your target audience’s shoes. Imagine what would resonate with them, from the graphics to the headline—you always have to keep your audience in mind.

Take time to understand your target demographic, so you can begin to pinpoint specific keywords that resonate and stick with your audience. It is all about refining and refreshing your ads periodically to become better and reach more people.

Be patient: if you rush this process, you could lose valuable leads, AND ad spend dollars!

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Publishing Ads and Never Refreshing

Once you’ve culminated your copy along with the best graphic for your ad, don’t forget to go back to check on its performance. You might need to increase your budget or, even better, decrease your spend—this is most important if your audience is carefully segmented. We recommend you go back and check your campaigns at least once a week so that you can avoid unnecessary expenses.

It is a good idea to refresh your ads campaign every couple of months to keep it relevant and to help stray away from annoying prospective customers.

You might also want to consider using Facebook’s Automated Rules option. This will ensure your ads are turned off once it’s reached a certain criterion that is set by you.

Not Using your Ad Spend to its Full Potential

So, your ads are live, and they’re generating meaningful leads…what else can your ads give you? WAY MORE! Look beyond lead generation and realize that there is a lot of additional value you can grab from your Facebook Ads.

You can:

  • Collect emails to engage with your customer on a more intimate level
  • Build a social media following and increase your page’s engagement
  • Retarget visitors
  • Get more “Reactions” out of people on your Facebook Page

When you realize your Ad Spend can generate so much more than leads, you can squeeze more out of your budget to better refresh your ads on the next go-around!

Last but not least, are you using the wide variety of insights?

Always remember, data is king! The more information you gather, the easier it will be to curate the right message that will help maximize the performance of your ads while reaching your target demographic.