A Publisher’s Uphill Battle | Facebook Links

Do you think the new Facebook Page link update is supposed to help combat fake news or are you just as confused as we are as to why Facebook believes this will fix that?

Small businesses are outraged about not being able to share quality content onto their pages because of this new rule. It disrupts workflows and how small businesses, agencies, and individuals share relevant articles from 3rd party websites.

After seeing how negatively the community has responded to the update, Facebook explained, “By removing the ability to alter link metadata (i.e. headline, description, image) from all link sharing entry points on Facebook, we are eliminating a channel that has been abused to post false news.”

Graphic for 7:19 Blog Post

Are you still scratching your head while trying to figure out a way around this?

At Sneeze It, we’ve found a scaleable solution that will help you get back on track! Our community management team is taking ‘Link’ posts and turning them into ‘Carousel’ posts instead.

For example, say you’re a gym owner, and you want to publish a link to a recipe, but once you attach the 3rd party article, the link text’s capitalization is off, the photo is pixelated, and the headline is too long for your liking.

The solution is to turn that single link into a carousel post. Although you have to use two images, which you can now get from a stock imagery site of your liking, continue to link back to the same article. Although this can take a little time—it is far better than struggling to post valuable content for your Facebook audience.

Nonetheless, if you own the content you’re posting on Facebook, it is way easier.

Facebook writes that “We’re first rolling this [Link Ownership] feature out to media publishers, including news, sports, and entertainment Pages, because we’ve found that many of these Page types modify links to their own articles at scale.”

If you would like to read more about this new update, click here.