Are You Using the Same Messaging Over and Over Again?

Go on, be honest… When your company is trying to reach people, do you rely on the same messaging time and time again? Many companies think that it is perfectly acceptable to use the same exact messaging when talking to all of their prospects and customers. This is a major mistake, because everyone you’re talking to is completely different and has distinct personalities. If you’re talking to a variety of different people, why would you speak to all of them in the exact same manner?

In addition, many companies refuse to change or update their content. If you find that the messaging your company uses is working, you might say to yourself, “Why fix something that isn’t broken?” However, this is another misstep. Marketing is always changing and technology is always changing, so your company needs to change as well.

Here at Sneeze It, we strive for constant innovation. We refuse to settle for mediocrity and are always looking for ways that we can improve as a company. Hence, we try to speak to prospects and customers in their own unique individual style of speaking. Everyone has a different personality and thus communicates in a different style. We conduct the proper research and invest in the necessary technology in order to analyze people’s unique personalities so that we know exactly how to speak to them.

If your company still relies on the same messaging for different people or hasn’t updated its content in a while, perhaps now is the time to think about making a change.