Basecamp – Your Virtual To Do List

At Sneeze It, we are always finding ways to better improve our work environment, whether it be new programs to utilize at work, or social media/marketing tips to continue growing. That’s why we love doing Q&A’s with our employees in regards to the programs we use.

This week we have Erica, our Project Manager, discussing how she utilizes Basecamp on the daily!

For readers who don’t know what Basecamp is, how would you explain it to them?

Basecamp is a magical platform (and app!) that allows project managers, team members, and users of various backgrounds to manage their day-to-day tasks. It’s simplistic and totally customizable, so anyone who’s working in or on a project can swiftly see where tasks are, comment with updates or changes, and create easy-to-follow deadlines.

If I could use Basecamp for my every-day life (not just work), I would!

How long have you been using Basecamp and how has it changed your work life?

I’ve been using Basecamp since 2013, so the platform and I have been happily coupled for about four years now.

Gone are the days of filling up notebooks, hours wasted from searching through files and written documents whilst trying to find deadlines or when certain tasks have been completed. Production has increased and our staff has been able to effectively communicate (both in and out of the office), but more importantly exceed deadline expectations for our clients. We often hear that the quality and speed of our work is unmatchable. That’s of course in part to our awesome team, but Basecamp plays a role in it too!

Do you believe that Basecamp has replaced physical to-do lists and calendar reminders?

Yes and no. Basecamp’s notification features make it easy to be reminded of tasks that need to be done for the day or week, and it also lets me know when a task I’ve created for someone else has a comment or if it’s been completed. So in that regard, calendar reminders are not needed.
That being said, I still heavily use my Google Calendar for meetings (internal and external).

When it comes to physical (hand-written) to-do lists, I’ll frequently write things down when in a meeting or on a client call and then transfer them over to Basecamp afterward. It’s like a double-check, just to ensure everything’s accounted for.

What do you believe is the best feature on Basecamp?

Wow, that’s tough!!!

If I had to pick one, I’d say the ability to have project templates. Like I said earlier, Basecamp is very customizable and one of the ways we use it (as a marketing agency) is to have “projects” by client. Each month, we launch the client’s template as a project with its recurring to-do’s and archive the prior month’s project. By doing this, it prevents me (or any of the other team managers) from having to add in hundreds of tasks at the beginning of the month. Of course, things get added in as the days and weeks go by, but at least the recurring items (like “Send social media posts for approval” or “Refresh Facebook ads”) are readily available day one of each month!

Lastly, why do you recommend Basecamp to employers and how would it benefit them?

Have I not sold you yet!?! Just kidding ;-)

I know there’s a ton of program’s out there like Asana and Dapulse that are truly wonderful in their own ways, but there’s nothing like having a simple platform that you can template and re-use month-to-month. In digital marketing especially, work is fast-paced – managers need a scheduling platform that can keep up.

Basecamp keeps up by allowing you to easily: update deadlines, people responsible for tasks, comment on each task, upload relevant files, and even include clients in if you so desire!

If you have a program similar to Basecamp, let us know! And if you use Basecamp, what’s your favorite feature?