Branding; The Power of Owning a Word

A “brand” can be defined as the shared perception of those that interact with your service and/or product. That being said, how can you control the way consumers associate your brand?

We’ll give you a hint – when you think of “search”, does Google come to mind? What popular supermarket chain comes to mind when you think of “organic food”? We’d be willing to bet it’s Whole Foods.

That’s because these brands essentially “own” these words.

Owning a word in consumers’ minds is an ultimate goal for businesses. So how can your company go about owning a word?

To start, you’ll have to dig deep; consider elements of your brand that go beyond traditional marketing and determine what word best crafts the belief of your business.

  • What are you the go-to people for?
  • Is there a niche that isn’t being filled that you can satisfy?
  • How tough is the competition for the word(s) you might want to own?
  • Perhaps ask ten of your ideal customers to describe your business in one word. Is there one recurring word or theme that comes to mind?
    It takes work, but most of all, branding your business with a single word takes

 If you’re considering reworking your branding in 2018, we highly recommend taking a note from brands you already know and love; start with a word.