locate customers

Sneeze.it has implemented a unique system to pinpoint the exact websites, forums, chat rooms, and blogs where typical customers currently congregate. Our Total Demographic Analysis (TDA) tracks the most commonly used words they use in their chats because the best marketing uses the exact words and phrases that your prospective customers are familiar with.

Social Media Solutions that Work!

Understanding where and how typical customers gather online allows us to drive targeted, measurable traffic to almost any website, and engage current and potential customers using all media such as video, audio, text, and chat. Sneeze.it uniquely blends this data with 22 separate social marketing solutions to create campaigns that are fast to implement and measurable every step of the way—your traffic will soon become highly targeted and cost-effective.

Bring Targeted Traffic to your Website…Again and Again

Within days we create systems—unique to each of our clients—that scour every social channel. These systems locate and engage only those people who fit into your target audience, directing them back to your site. Doing so allows us to cost-effectively locate and interact with your customers, branding you with a level of detail that meets the most cutting-edge accountability standards.

The changing landscape of social media means that new platforms are developed on a regular basis. Sneeze.it monitors your platforms to drive the most qualified traffic to your sites, giving them the best exposure!