Core Value Highlight: Invest

Here at Sneeze It, we pride ourselves on the strength of our core values. You may have read about them in prior posts, but listed fully, here are the seven values that each one of our employees hold near and dear to their hearts:

  1. Innovate – We innovate through process improvement.
  2. Support – Notice and act on opportunities to support team members’ happiness and excellence.
  3. Quality – Take responsibility for producing superior quality work.
  4. Value – Add value wherever you can.
  5. Communication – Communicate in a timely manner to build trust and confidence in our customers, prospects, and team members.
  6. Invest – We invest in our team members to unlock our potential.
  7. Excellence – We demand excellence.

This week, we’re touching upon our sixth value, invest. Our managers and team members work to invest in one another on a constant basis. We do this through personal time investments, unique cultural benefits (i.e. investing in events that benefit our employees and/or customers), and education opportunities.

Did you know that approximately 70% of American workers are either uninspired at work or actively disengaged? When employees become disengaged, it’s often due to feeling unsupported, over-scrutinized, or that their jobs are at risk, putting people in a high-stress environment where concentration highly lacks. This is when people look for distractions such as chat and Facebook. This can cost employers THOUSANDS!

On the other hand, when employees feel supported, they have the (head)space to be creative and do their best work. Empowered employees also tend to put focus on areas where they feel most valuable – leading to an overall more successful organization. It is our top priority to keep our employees feeling supported, empowered and creative.

On Tuesday, we relaunched our Sneeze It University program, which was an idea passed down by our CVO (Chief Viral Officer), David Steel, to provide any employee who’s interested a chance to gain insight on how and why our company is run the way it is and how Sneeze It became the fun and successful agency we are today.

Sneeze It University consists of reading material and a one-hour group discussion each week with an (outside) HR professional, which helps give insight into management and strategy as a whole; ultimately providing the education needed to advance in our company.

Our core values and company culture are the glue that keeps the Sneeze It team together. Investing in our employees through Sneeze It University is just one example of how we keep our teams feeling empowered, creative and supported.

What are some of your core values? How does your company invest in its employees on a regular basis? Let us know; we love sharing ideas!