Expand your Advertising Efforts with Linkedin | New Data Tools

Your digital advertising strategy includes Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram but have you ever thought about LinkedIn?

The platform has grown past the days of primarily being another way for employers to seek out prospective employees. It is now a one-stop social network for many professionals looking for industry news, thought leadership and expanding their brand’s reach.

As LinkedIn has grown, many marketers have realized the potential of tapping into this information-hungry audience. There is no better time than now to integrate this business platform into your approach as LinkedIn is making it easier than ever to bring content to the right audiences at the right time.

Here are the new and improved tools that can help you systematically approach your advertising more strategically:


  • Expanded Demographic Reporting


The new campaign manager dashboard allows you to catch a glimpse of exactly what your audience looks like based on their job titles, industry, company size, and their geographical location. LinkedIn also offers insights to compare ad performance across the board while ensuring you’re targeting the correct demographic. Maximize your advertising efforts before blowing half your budget!


  • Campaign Insights and Recommendations


With ‘Campaign Recommendations’, users can now look to automated tips that can steer you in the right direction if your campaign is running off track. If your ads are not performing to the best of their ability, the platform will automatically help you advance their performance.

Another nifty new feature is you can now compare your ad spend with other marketers in your field. These new insights will give you the option to see how much your competitors are spending and whether or not you should increase yours. Stop spending more energy understanding your audience when you can start spending smarter with LinkedIn’s recommendations.


  • Advanced Measurement


Data is king in the digital age. We’re constantly recording, measuring and utilizing data to better understand how to improve digital campaigns. Understanding this, LinkedIn has released new advertising data to users. The platform now allows you to gain advanced insights on your ad’s reach, resonance and data options based on members sharing Sponsored Content.

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