By definition, geo-targeting is the practice of delivering content to a user based on their geographic location. This could be conducted based on the state someone resides in, city, or even by a zip code radius.

Why might that be imperative to your marketing? We’re glad you asked!

If you’ve been trying to find a way to increase your relevancy score, engagement, or leads in your advertising methods, geo-targeting should be the first place you look.

Marketers geo-target users on their always-present mobile devices because each person’s location has something to say about their environment and mindset – making it even easier to deliver relevant ad content. The more relevant an ad or offer is, the more likely it is to drive what your customers want: a sale.

Imagine you’re a consumer looking to join a gym. If you were served an ad for a nationwide franchise, how likely are you to click 10 times before finding the right facility? With hundreds of other fitness choices at your disposal, we’re guessing the answer is “unlikely”. By utilizing geolocation, your clicks (as a consumer) can be minimized from 10 to three – perhaps even one depending on your software!

Here at Sneeze It, we’ve been utilizing this marketing method specifically with our clients who have multiple locations. No longer will we have to hold prospects accountable for finding the location that best suits them – we do the “heavy lifting”. Moreover, we’re helping our customers succeed in finding the right prospects for their business.

“Geo-targeting (in regard to our landing pages) allows us to improve the end user’s experience by eliminating clicks. Instead of the user having to click on multiple drop downs to find a certain location for a business, we can find the best one according to their current location. From the digital strategy side of things, we’ve noticed it greatly reduces the drop off rate from a landing page click to a conversion.” – Jackie Consoli, Digital Strategist

As you dive into the second month of the new year exploring new possibilities for your marketing, don’t snooze on the possibility of targeting consumers based on their location. End users (like any of us) love the convenience and are much less likely to ignore content that’s truly relevant to their lives. Take advantage and watch your sales soar!