Global Talent at Sneeze It

Have you ever wondered why companies like Uber and Amazon are able to consistently provide great customer service?

Sure, they’re both large corporations with an abundance of employees (and applicants) who are well trained and maintain a consistent brand standard, but there’s another reason you’re able to get a team member’s attention (rather quickly) at any hour of the day (and no, it’s not because they don’t sleep).

Many companies like the “giants” mentioned above hire global talent, meaning you can be conversing about your issue here in New York to someone who’s well versed within the company, but stationed in the Philippines or India.

When you solely hire people who need to commute to a physical location, you restrict your accessible talent pool to a geographical range. That being said, there’s a whole world of A-team players outside of your typical commuting radius that you’re missing out on.

What more? You restrict your business’ working hours!

Our team at Sneeze It celebrated its ability to grow in customer service this year by hosting some of our PK staff here in New Jersey this week – and what a treat it was!

Apart from the obvious advantages of showing them around the office, comparing workday ebbs and flows and being able to take client calls from the same room (woop woop!), we also got to kick back and enjoy genuinely learning about one another. From our holiday party at Dave and Busters to shopping, home cooking and beyond, we at Sneeze It can say that hosting our remote employees has been one of the best experiences since hiring them.

Luckily, we think that both Hassan and Ahad got a whole lot out of coming to visit us as well:

“The biggest difference [between working in Pakistan vs. working in the United States] was how quickly everything gets done. Have a problem? Go see the relevant person and your issue is resolved. To see everyone work in such close quarters was an education.” – Hassan


We’re curious – does your company have remote employees from around the world? And if so, have you ever brought them into your main headquarters? We want to hear about your successes, so be sure to drop a comment and keep the conversation going!