How Snapchat’s New Custom Stories Can Help Your Company

Snapchat recently unveiled a new type of Story that allows users to collaborate on one single Story with their friends and family. Previously, if your friends were at the same party or event, then you’d end up watching multiple versions of very similar stories. Now, your friends can all add their own contributions to one group Story.
To create a custom Story, simply tap on the plus sign in the upper right corner when you are on the Stories page within the app. If you want to add specific friends as contributors to your story, select “Who can add” and choose from your contacts. All of the contributors can see and add to this custom Story. You can also let other friends on Snapchat view your story too.
Moreover, you can also add contributors based on your location. If you’re at a wedding or a party, you can now allow nearby Snapchat users contribute to the same story. Simply turn on the geofence option and your Snapchat friends as well as friends of friends can contribute to your story. However, there are limitations to these new custom Snapchat Stories. You can only create three custom Stories at a time. Similar to standard Snapchat Stories, these custom Stories will also disappear after 24 hours.
This new feature is incredibly useful and really works to create a greater sense of community among Snapchat users. Furthermore, these new custom Stories can be an excellent tool for your company’s social media marketing strategy. For instance, if you are throwing a company party or a sponsored event, creating a custom Story that people can contribute to based on location is a brilliant way to prompt people to interact with your brand while simultaneously spreading the word about your company. People who are attending your event will most likely want to contribute to your Story and will then take their own pictures and videos to share. Once people contribute to your Story, their friends on Snapchat will be able to see the Story as well and might take an interest in the event and potentially learn about your company. When used effectively, Snapchat’s new custom Stories can help boost brand exposure and increase engagement.