How to Make Social Media a Two-Way Conversation

The way in which you handle customer service via social media has a significant impact on the way in which your customers perceive your business.

While social media provides you with 24/7 access to your customers and the ability for instant communication, it also provides customers with a way to publicly express their negative comments about your business.

It is important to be friendly with your customers on social media while still maintaining a quality of professionalism. It is also important to reply to your customers in a timely manner. Even though a phone call would be much faster, many customers would rather reach out via social media so it is important to reply to their questions as quickly as possible.

Another noteworthy tactic is to make sure that angry customers are dealt with outside of social media. When a customer is angry or upset, provide them with an email address or a phone number so that you can provide them with more personal one-on-one assistance. Not only is this beneficial for improving customer satisfaction, but it also limits the amount of negative comments on your company’s social media accounts.

Furthermore, the way you behave on social media should make it clear to your followers that you are a person. Your brand needs to be humanized. If customers feel as though all of your posts and responses are being generated by a robot, they are less likely to engage with you on social media.