Key Points For Holiday Marketing

Are you ready to kick off your holiday marketing efforts?

Whether that question fills you great joy or makes you a little anxious – let us here at Sneeze It help you hone-in some of your marketing strategies before the holiday rush begins. But where do you even begin? Here are a few quick tips:

Influencer Marketing
Utilize influencers and ambassadors to market your brand. This allows someone else to do some of the “marketing lifting” for you, and all you have to do is send your product to the influencer or pay for a sponsorship. Why does this work? You have influencers of all kinds promoting and pushing the specials you’ll be featuring during the holidays! This allows you to focus on the back end of things, and free up your time to focus on other ventures.

Marketing Tactics
We’ve all witnessed them and have fallen for them. The most recent was Stephen King’s remake of IT, where people dressed up as clowns and stood in the street with a balloon to market the new release. Did it work? Absolutely! It was all over social media and made people search for more information about IT even more prior to the release of the movie.

A great way to market during the holiday is to have a contest. Whether it’s to bring awareness to a foundation, bring donations to those in need, or push a new product – giving someone a gift often brings more traction in return. If you haven’t started, you should start promoting the contest NOW, and allow consumers to win either your merchandise or a gift card to the store for a holiday reward! Contests gain popularity with new customers who follow the account for a chance to win while also showcasing new desirable products.

A very underrated way of taking advantage of marketing during the holidays is tradeshows, events, pop-up markets, and conventions. A great example of this is during the winter season, there are a plethora of pop-up shops all throughout the streets of NYC leading to Rockefeller Center. This allows foot traffic consumers who wouldn’t typically notice your brand to become intrigued and drawn in.

These are just some of the strategies in maximizing the effectiveness of your holiday marketing campaigns, but we would love to hear from you! How do YOU take advantage of the season to showcase your company? Let us know!