Lessons Learned from Infusioncon

sneeze.it founder David Steel and Senior Project Manager Kim Johnson attended Infusioncon 2013, the small business sales and marketing event of the year—from March 27th through March 29th this year. Bringing together more than 2,000 entrepreneurs and marketers from all over the world to learn, network, and implement new ideas and strategies, this groundbreaking conference taught members of our team how to successfully grow and expand business and engage clients in an entirely new way.

From inspiring keynote speeches by FUBU founder/branding expert and Shark Tank veteran Daymond John to exciting seminars by some of the world’s top marketing and sales coaches such as David Allen and Jay Baer, this conference taught David and Kim many invaluable lessons about best practices and new ideas when it comes to marketing and sales. Some especially useful seminars were from social media expert Mari Smith who shared tips for engaging audiences and converting sales through social media as well as digital marketing expert Ryan Deiss who discussed his expertise with increasing conversion rates in online sales.

Some highlights from the conference include:

•     Lessons on SEO strategy and incorporating long-tailed keywords to help improve online search ranking for clients

•     The difference between “helping” and “selling” and how sometimes companies can sell more by actually trying to sell less

•     The power of the “marketing triangle” and copywriting/marketing techniques used by internet marketing guru Dan Kennedy

•     How to foster an amazing company culture by Infusionsoft CEO Clate Mask and co-founder Scott Martineau.

All in all, Kim and David had a great time at Infusioncon 2013 and learned many great ways to serve our clients better.  We look forward to sharing some of this information with you in the near future!