Maximize your LinkedIn Engagement and Reach

LinkedIn, like many other social media platforms is a digital soundboard where brands, micro-influencers, and companies go to share information. From thought leadership to quotes to blog content to real-life experiences; the list goes on-and-on.

Publishing on this platform has become noisy, and maximizing your audience reach now requires strategy instead of throwing content up and seeing what sticks.

Nonetheless, unlike many other social media platforms, the LinkedIn community comes together to network and pursue more professional ideas in comparison to Facebook and Instagram. For some brands, this isn’t the right platform to be on, but for many, this is an evolving channel to take advantage of. But how?

Here a few tips that can help take your LinkedIn publishing to the next level so that you can engage with more information-hungry individuals:

  1. Make your Article Titles Short & Sweet!

According to recent studies, the average human attention span is now eight seconds. That means your audience will quickly decide to either click on your article or keep scrolling!

Grab their attention by keeping your titles under 50 characters and make sure it’s to the point. Remember the acronym KISS: keep it simple, stupid.

  1. Add Visuals!

Do you ever read a newspaper article in its entirety? After the third or fourth paragraph, you typically understand the article and move on, right? So do more people because they’re used to skimming information, not absorbing it.

In the digital age of social media, many users enjoy looking at photos, infographics or graphs instead of reading paragraphs of text. If you can convey your ideas in a shareable graphic, your content is more prone to be read, absorbed and shared with others.

  1. Write “Service Pieces” that Teach Your Audience Something

Does your brand, agency or company specialize in a particular area of business? What are some processes that make your job easier? Share these tips and “how-to’s” to provide useful, accessible information to your audience so that they can potentially integrate them into their business practices—this will keep them coming back for more!

  1. Do an Article Series

If you publish content regularly, try and post a series of content centered around a similar topic. In each article try to preview the next article and be sure to inform your audience when the next part of the series will be published. To keep a captivated audience, you have to first entice them.

  1. Cross Promote your Content on Other Social Networks

It’s 2017: you should be part of every social network there is, and if you’re not it’s time to jump on that bandwagon! Why? Promoting your content from one social network to another will help maximize engagement and your virality. When you publish your article on LinkedIn, schedule your content to be shared on Facebook a day after, and then Twitter the following day so new eyes can find it days after the original date it is published!

So, what are you waiting for? Now is the perfect time to start publishing contagious content! With this newly learned information, you can maximize your reach and start building an engaging community today.