Shopping Small On Saturday

We all know that with Thanksgiving comes Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, but a forgotten shopping day is Small Business Saturday. Whether you have American Express endorsing it, or you see stickers, bags, and promotions on small business’s social media accounts, this is a day that is a big win for the little guy.

Black Friday brings in great deals, but Small Business Saturday allows small businesses throughout communities to support one another and be able to live out their dream. If you’re not sure what constitutes a small business, here is a quick explanation: small businesses are often those that started inside of a house and grew to a storefront. Great examples of this are Catbird in NYC, DollyMoo in NJ, and tons of other small businesses that are well-known on social media platforms.

American Express has been an advocate and sponsor of this day for years and continues to promote it amongst the Black Friday craze. Many big businesses started small and have now turned into big companies. It’s feel-good trends like this that bring brands to consumers’ attention.

By hashtagging #ShopSmall, #SmallBizSat, or #DineSmall for small mom-and-pop dining areas, this is a great way of bringing more traffic to your door, whether physical or electronically.

While this weekend is jam-packed with discounts, you don’t necessarily have to discount your products, but what a lot of companies/restaurants do is make a limited-edition item specifically to commemorate the day.

So tell us, are you shopping small this Saturday?

And if you’re a small business, how has this day worked for you throughout the years?