Snapchat Ad Manager to Become Available Next Month

Snapchat is making it easier than ever to advertise on the app. The self-serve ad-buying tool, known as Snapchat Ad Manager, has been tested with more than 20 brands so far and will officially be open to all advertisers next month. Snapchat Ad Manager will only work for buying vertical video Snap Ads, and does not include Sponsored Lenses or Geofilters.

Advertisers can use any of Snapchat’s targeting options when it comes to Snap Ads, including their retargeting ads. Advertisers can also purchase ads based on cost per thousand impressions (CPM) or through goal-based bidding options. Moreover, advertisers can also use Snapchat Ad Manager to monitor their ad’s performance. Monitoring Snap Ads will allow companies to see how many times users were served their ad, how many times people swiped up on the ad, and the average cost per swipe.

Similar to Facebook’s Ad Manager, Snapchat Mobile Dashboard allows advertisers to track their campaigns. Unlike Facebook, however, Snapchat users don’t have to download a separate app to monitor their campaigns. In addition, Snapchat will be introducing a new section on their website called Business Manager. Advertisers can use Business Manager to outline roles and permissions for members of their marketing team as well as to managed ad accounts and billing information.

Snapchat Ad Manager is a momentous change for Snapchat and will improve the experience for marketers trying to advertise on the social media platform. Since advertisers have to use the Snapchat app in order to access the Snapchat Ad Manager, this means that companies have to actually go through and use the app firsthand, which will make them more familiar with the user experience so that they can improve their marketing tactics. Hopefully in the near future Sponsored Geofilters and Lenses will also become available on Snapchat Ad Manager, but for now this is a huge step forward for social media marketing.