Sneeze It Reflects on 2017

With another year passing, Sneeze It has grown tremendously – we’ve helped small and big businesses market their audience, created interactive social media posts, and formed a bigger team than when 2017 started.

But Sneeze It isn’t Sneeze It without its leader, David Steel. To end this year, we got to asking David three questions to wrap up 2017.

Let’s get to it!

In the past year, how have things helped growth in certain areas? Conversely, how have things prevented growth and how did you overcome them?

I feel technology has been both a hindrance and opportunity this year. We are finding both advertisement and application fatigue and that impacts the effectiveness of advertisements.  Email, though still cost-effective, has not been as well received.

This is also an opportunity; Facebook Messenger is going to be one of the ways we overcome both situations. For example, we are at an email open rate of 25%, which is acceptable, but with FB Messenger, our open rate is over 75%. Plus, the click-through rate for Messenger is over 4x greater.

Can you discuss how sometimes what one person may see as a wall, others see as a door?

Conversion seems to be the biggest obstacle that most clients express. The reason is that most companies take the same sales approach as, let’s say, someone who comes to your establishment. It is in fact very different. Digital conversion requires an understanding of how and why someone clicked on an advertisement and what actions you need to take next. We refer to this as the ‘we do, they do’ sales methodology (click here to read more about this). Defining and innovating this process can significantly improve ROI.

Clients that realize competitors may enter the digital marketing arena, with driving up cost and no real understanding of how to execute, end up leaving almost as quickly as they came. Trial and error, along with innovating processes, is an opportunity waiting to be seized in any market.

What are you focused on for 2018 and how do you think your visions with the company will prevail?

In 2018, it is all about mobile and voice-enabled search. Other messaging platforms are going to open their API’s, which opens more possibilities to create automation and in some cases, eliminate apps. This convergence of communication tools will be a game changer.