Social Media No-Nos!

As a marketing company, we continue to not only educate on marketing topics, but also to discuss how you can grow your business by using social media. We share the best ways to utilize social media to grow your brand, but there are always 2 sides to each story!

This week, we want to share and showcase what NOT to do in social media! Too often brands focus on publicizing offers and announcements as often as possible, without any regard to what they might need to avoid.

Luckily, we’re here to help!

  1. Don’t ignore your customers!

Whether they give you a positive or negative review, not reacting to a comment is a huge and common mistake. You can choose to hide or ignore the negative comments but smart brands will take the time to make things right with the consumer. By engaging with the review it looks like your company cares (which it should!) and sometimes negative reviews are just people who need to vent. Once they realize they are addressing a person, they tend to cool down.

Another error with this occurs when a good comment is left ignored. We know that brands are busy, but simply liking the comment with a thumbs up, giving it a heart, or a simple message, allows the consumer to know they’re being heard and to show other consumers that you take the time to appreciate good reviews!

  1. Don’t spam accounts!

Many people fail to skirt the difference between spamming and just being friendly. Plenty of brands have very apparent automatic responses and comments posted on influencers’/followers’ social media accounts, which often leads people to unfollow the brand or become turned off. If you want to interact with followers and influencers, make it personal and occasional but NOT robotic!

  1. Choose your words wisely!

Despite the freedom of the Internet, some things are better left unsaid. There have been many instances where brand owners have attacked consumers, and utilized poor choices of words to communicate with them. A prime example of this is Z Palette owner, Zena Shteysel, who harassed and remarked mean and rude comments to consumers who were criticizing her new product.

If you don’t agree with your consumers or followers, step away and keep your cool. Upon returning to negative or hate comments, you can walk in with a clear mind and not let your anger determine your verbiage. Be apologetic, tactful, and understanding! Remember that your response is not just read by that person, but by everyone!

  1. Be personable, but don’t overdo it!

We all love knowing that there is someone behind the social media of the accounts we follow, but many times, some accounts try too hard. One extremely entertaining example is Wendy’s Twitter account. One interaction occurred when a person tweeted Wendy’s “My friend wants to go to McDonald’s, what should I tell him?” and Wendy’s responded with “Find new friends.” Many companies have tried to copy this brand’s snarky marketing, but have failed. Whether you are making a joke about another company that is your competitor or responding to your followers, having a personality is great, but there are restrictions.

Stay away from being too sarcastic, as it is often misinterpreted (especially in text). Make sure you are funny and showcase that it is clearly a joke, instead of hoping the person understands the translation. If you are going to be a certain way with your account, maintain that personality, so that it is consistent.


There you have it: our top social media publishing tips to avoid in order to bolster consumer attitude towards your brand.

What other social media pitfalls do you steer away from?