The Benefits of Wearing Your Brand

If you consider the purpose of various branding strategies, it’s clear how effective company clothing comes into play for building brand awareness.

Brand awareness is the combined visual elements of a brand (design, symbol[s], colors, etc. that work in unison), which are perceived by the consumer. It not only builds a sense of identity but over time, trust and company loyalty within prospects and customers.

As a small business owner (or manager), you might constantly be looking for ways to improve and expand your brand’s awareness without searching in the most obvious of places – your employees! Gone are the days of handing out multiple business cards or spending fortunes on billboards. Think smaller – think “uniform”.

Now, when we say uniform, we don’t necessarily mean stuffy button-down shirts or an assigned pants suit. We don’t even suggest shirts like the ones you’ll find employees in McDonald’s wearing. We’re suggesting more subtle ways to advertise your business, letting your logo do the work for you.

Does your production team have a funny inside joke that you can throw on a t-shirt? Are you all into corgis or a show that’s popular?

Find something that resonates with the general population and put your company’s twist on it (don’t forget your logo!). It’ll be no-time before you and your employees start hearing “What’s that company?” or “Cool shirt!! Where’s it from?”.

When one of our Graphic Artists visited a donut shop this week, proudly wearing her Sneeze It graphic-t, the owner stopped her to ask about our company. He’s seen our sign outside and wanted to know how we could help grow his business and awareness. That’s easy marketing if we do say so ourselves!

How can you market your company with little effort? Have you ever tried t-shirt marketing?