The Difference between D, I, S, and C

What’s your personality type? As we’ve already discussed, Sneeze It follows the DISC methodology when it comes to determining personality types for prospects. DISC is especially useful for understanding people’s unique styles of communication.

When it comes to DISC, there are four main personality types: D for dominance, I for influence, S for steadiness, and C for compliance. A person can have a personality type that consists of any combination of these four different types. For example, someone can have a Ds personality or a Cs personality.

Each personality type has its own distinct traits. For instance, someone who has a high D personality is not only dominant, but also driving, competitive, forceful, direct, and assertive. Meanwhile, someone who is a high I type is influential, persuasive, friendly, verbal, communicative, and positive. In contrast, a high S personality is dependable, deliberate, amiable, persistent, king, steady, soft-tempered, and a good listener. Someone who is a high C will be compliant, careful, systematic, precise, diplomatic, accurate, logical, and a perfectionist.

Each personality type has a different focus. For example, a D personality focuses on power, an I personality focuses on people, an S personality focuses on pace, and a C personality focuses on policy. Additionally, each personality has their own distinct styles of communication. A D personality tells, an I personality sells, an S personality listens, and a C personality writes.

Here at Sneeze It, we’ve invested in technology that allows us to determine the personality type of various prospects so that we can speak to them in a manner that is in line with their unique communication style.