The Extremity of Holiday Email Blasts

With the holiday season upon us, both brands and consumers are preparing mentally, emotionally, and financially. As a brand, if you haven’t already started preparing your sales, now is the time!

We’re going to give you tips on how you should be marketing your brand this holiday season. But first, here are some general numbers to demonstrate how Thanksgiving sales have worked in the past year.

holiday_blog_infographic copy

You can clearly see the massive impact Thanksgiving sales have. Here are our biggest tips in achieving the best sales!

Tip # 1
Plan, plan, plan! Oftentimes people don’t prepare themselves adequately. Rushing your sales campaigns or leaving them for last minute is a HUGE no-no, as you can run into unforeseen problems and issues during the sales process.

Prepare your emails now!

Have them copyedited by staff, proofread, and ensure the sales figures presented are double checked! Look back at previous years and utilize that information to formulate strategies for this year’s sales.

Tip #2
Prevent your sales campaign from being boring! We get it; promotion emails are just that, promotions. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be fun and interactive with them. Prior to the sales, tease your subscribers with what’s to come with the holiday!

Introduce the products being used, explain the benefits, alert the audience about future developments, and make sure to keep their attention! Use gifs, eye-catching photos, rollover effects, and anything else YOU would want to see in an email!

Tip #3
Be prepared for any possibilities! During Thanksgiving and Black Friday sales, a lot of things sell out! Have a backup plan on any other item that could be discounted or sold in replacement, and make sure to have emails ready in real time! This shows that you were prepared and want to make the consumer content in the midst of shopping sales chaos.

This helps implement the foot in the door technique with your other products, as people who may have purchased one item because it was discounted might, in turn, buy a second discounted item as well!

There you have it! Three easy and simple tips to make sure your holiday emails will help build sales and create traffic to the site and brand!

What have you implemented to make sure emails this holiday run smoothly?