The importance of a Twitter search

There is one factor that distinguishes Twitter from its social media counterparts and that is the opportunity to participate in real-time conversations with friends, followers, and people you don’t already know.

What does that mean for the average businessperson? Put simply: the opportunity to network, to market yourself and your brand, and to connect with a community.

Here are some things we suggest to get the most out of your Twitter search experience.

  1. Keep it simple. If you own a pet shop in New Jersey, you would fare better by doing a search for “AsburyPark” and “dog” instead of throwing in multiple hashtags and search terms.
  2. Save a search on a social media platform (like Hootsuite) as this will show up in a column of tweets that are constantly updated. This will make it easy to jump in on a conversation as soon as it’s happening (please note: just like in real life, there is an etiquette to doing this).
  3. Sometimes older tweets won’t come up in a search, so you may want to consider adding “before:” along with your search term to see tweets posted before a certain date.

Let’s go back to the example of the local pet shop owner above. Here are a few sample interactions he/she could have on Twitter to promote a product.

Sample tweet: “It WAS fun and games until someone chewed up his leash. #badboybuster #puppyproblems #dog”

Pet shop reply: “We have a wide variety of leashes for puppies—and we ship FREE nationally. Check us out online!” (insert website}

Sample tweet: “Anyone know of a good dog park in #AsburyPark”?

Pet shop reply: “Have you tried the dog beach at 8th and Ocean? Great spot for your pup!”

The first tweet is designed to make a sale, while the second offers helpful advice to the consumer, which may lead to a sale if the customer investigates the store sending the tweet.

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