The Importance of Transparency

Here at Sneeze It, we love being social – whether it’s consulting with entrepreneurs, hopping on strategy calls with our clients, or getting up to date with our followers on social media. The true benefit of the digital age is being able to learn not only from trusted news sources or Wikipedia, but from other like-minded individuals in a quick and much more dynamic environment.

Another thing our teams love? Problem solving.

Now we might not be entering in Rubik’s Cube speed challenges, but in speaking with various professionals, we’ve come to find one recurring threat for those who work for and/or own small businesses; client retention. That being said, we beg to ask various questions about why clients threaten to leave or cease their contracts at an earlier date and one common issue seems to recur in these various conversations.


It seems like such a simple term, but many professionals seem to believe it comes with “strings attached”. In our practice, the Sneeze It team agrees that transparency between any business and their client(s) is key to strengthening relationships. Apart from today’s customers being more (tech) savvy than ever before, there tends to be only two things that ultimately matter when it comes to their decision to stay with their vendors:

  1. Is this company helping me acquire new leads?
  2. Are those leads turning into sales/profit?

If the answers to the questions above are something like “no”, “yes, but…”, or “I’m not sure”, customers will turn to any data that they can get their hands on. No longer can businesses totally safeguard information about digital advertisements or website statistics. Modern customers will find ways to gather data with just a few strokes of their keyboard. Additionally, they have an expectation that they should be able to know what’s going on behind the scenes. And if you ask us, we totally agree!

That’s why Sneeze It has implemented a new Dashboard program that allows our clients to see their entire campaign (or campaigns) simply by logging in. Not only can clients get a snapshot of their ads, ad performance, and a comparison of this month’s stats to last month’s (or heck, 6 months prior), but they can also see synced data from multiple outlets such as Facebook, Mailchimp and Zapier all in one! All the data is live, so if a customer in another time zone wants real-time stats, they can log in at their convenience and don’t have to wait on us.

Transparency shouldn’t simply be a business principle that you include in your core values. It’s a tangible practice that should be proactively sought after and implemented. In our findings, when you begin to prioritize transparency with your customers, you’ll notice a major difference in how you interact, how often you interact, and even a raise in your client retention standings.

Is your business practicing transparency with customers? If so, what are some methods you practice to increase client retention and positive communication?