The One Marketing Tool Everybody Should Leverage

Consumers abandon sales funnels for various reasons: comparison shopping, distraction (i.e. a phone call, screaming kids, a new video on Instagram, etc.), not having a credit card handy, “just browsing”, and so on. It almost seems unfair – we (as marketers and business owners) have worked so hard to capture an end-user’s attention, only to be forgotten about moments later. That’s where retargeting comes into play.

Retargeting ads allow you to show advertisements directly to visitors after they’ve left a website or landing page, providing multiple chances for conversion. As you can imagine, this tactic increases the effectiveness of all other marketing efforts by strengthening brand recognition, reaffirming a consumer’s “need”, and ultimately driving customers down the sales pipeline to conversion.

What is retargeting and how does it work?

Have you ever perused Amazon or Walmart, closed the shopping window and opened Facebook only to be marketed the exact product you were looking at moments ago? THAT is retargeting in full effect.

These companies have leveraged your interest in their product(s) by implementing a small piece of code on their websites (or landing pages), which placed a “cookie” in each visitor’s browser, adding them to a specific audience list. Once on the list, the audience can be retargeted with tailored campaigns that are specific to their browsing habits.

Why Should I Leverage Retargeting in My Marketing?

There are numerous reasons!

  1. You have a second (maybe even third or fourth) chance to convert a potential customer who showed interest in your product or service.
  2. Overcome buyer’s “trust issues”. People will say things like “man, I’ve seen your ads EVERYWHERE”, thinking you’ve built a million-dollar ad campaign.
  3. Increases brand recognition.
  4. Cost effectiveness – you’re only marketing to people who already showed interest!
  5. Ability to up-sell – once you have your retargeting pixel set up, you can build an audience list of high-value users. If they’ve converted before and you have another compelling offer, why wouldn’t they convert again?

Away goes the saying “you never get a second chance to make a first impression”; with retargeting ads, you do! Of all the possibilities for your  marketing budget, retargeting simply cannot be ignored. Maximize each visitor you’ve worked so hard to attract and see what these ads can do for your ROI.