The Perfect Match: Sports & Twitter

Within the past 2 decades, an influx of social media has not only popped up but become a vital part of people’s daily lives. It has helped businesses, independent artists, and creators of all kind make a name for themselves. The same popularity has boomed in the realm of sports!

Social media is a catalyst for success and has been imperative in the sports industry. Twitter accounts have grown from 15.2% in 2012 and are projected to rise to 24.2% by 2018. With retired athletes, sports leagues, and teams having Twitter accounts, Navigate Research has confirmed 67% of sports fans are more likely to use Twitter to enhance their viewing experience.

Players tweeting before, during, and after a game are what sports fans flock to. Hashtags are continuously trending and create conversation amongst fans, as well as bring a fun, interactive way of communicating with people’s heroes and teams. These tweets allow people to share an active up-to-the-moment experience throughout the entire game.

Twitter can also be your one stop shop for anything related to sports from getting score results, to updated news on players and their injuries, to any news in general!

Are you a part of the Twitter sports club? What’s your favorite team or player to follow?