The Unstoppable Facebook Ad Evolution

With 50 million users a day and growing, Facebook has become a one-stop shop for many social media mavens and amateurs. Whether you go online to distract yourself and waste time or seek out new brands and people to support, Facebook has had a hand in gaining virtual popularity for many users.

This web giant employs an intelligent tactic in terms of remarketing and advertising. Previously viewed sites pop up again with astonishing regularity. You visit a site, forget all about it, and a week later Facebook is right there to remind you of it! It’s an indispensable tool which serves as a constant reminder to potential customers along the lines of “Hey! Remember this? You were interested in it last week!” Then Facebook does its magic and showcases that site in an advertisement. Not only does this help if you had something you wanted to buy but lacked the immediate resources to purchase it (wallet wasn’t nearby, didn’t have time to properly peruse the deal, etc.), but it serves to refresh and improve brand recognition for future interactions.

Media changes every generation and we are in a decade where digital advertisements are replacing billboards in terms of reach. When you think about your typical advertisement, you think about magazine ads, billboards, TV commercials, and emails – but with Facebook, ads are now a part of all these social media users’ typical daily consumption.

Another positive impact of having ads on Facebook, is the implementation of friends’ influences on your purchases. The best and most trustworthy recommendations are word of mouth (even virtually) from friends or even strangers that have had experiences with the products. Items friends like on Facebook will show up in your Newsfeed with increasing regularity, especially if you “Like” the same thing. With that said, many times sponsored ads are posts, and with those, you see a huge amount comments and feedback, which in turn, helps you even more to make the right decision about purchases.

Whether you like being a part of Facebook ads or not they will continue to grow and become more and more accurate for each user’s purchasing preferences. How are you taking advantage of it?