Twitter Removes Character Restrictions

In recent news, Twitter has made the announcement that tweets will no longer be subject to just 140 characters. Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s founder and CEO, is making big changes.

How does this affect you and how should you prevent the possibility of over-tweeting? Keep reading!

Engagement on Twitter is huge, and this is frequently the medium on which customers choose to voice complaints to (and occasionally receive feedback from) a company. With that said, how will unlimited characters affect this platform? Many fear that Twitter messages may become obsolete and will no longer allow quick and direct tweets to succinctly convey meaning. Other customers are happy that they will now be able to publish longer explanations, responses, and even share possible reviews on products.

Many companies struggle with creating posts informative enough while still retaining the ability to hashtag for the purpose of identifying keywords. Eliminating the need for this balance has played a major part in companies’ support for removing Twitter character restrictions. Companies are now able to share a link to their site, showcase a product, or share a description of features, all while hashtagging!

With these new changes, the take-home message should be obvious: don’t over-tweet! Too often we allow freedom to get out of control. The appeal of Twitter was how concise the posts were, and it allowed members to learn, read, and observe posts in a short amount of time.

Don’t lose sight of that, and remember to keep the reader enticed with your posts!

So there you have it: the pros and cons of this new update and possibly more of a reason to utilize Twitter to market your brand.

Are you excited about the restriction being lifted? Share your thoughts below!