Use Your Competitors’ Blogs Against Them

Competitive Research – Gaining Your Professional Edge through Your Competitors’ Blog

Many business owners don’t realize it but with just a little competitive research, they have the ability of gaining their professional “edge” by keeping tabs on the blogs associated with their competitor’s businesses. A business blog is a vital component when it comes to inbound marketing—it is a portal to the products and services that are offered by a business. The ultimate goal of any business blog is to transform readers into leads, convert leads into sales, and enjoy the profits reaped from the endeavor. By reading the content that your competition places on their blog, you’ll learn what topics are drawing in their readers, what readers are electing to share with others, and a wide array of other valuable knowledge. In this brief guide, you’ll learn how a little competitive research can go a long way for your business.

Keyword Research

One of the biggest advantages to competitive research on blogs is that you have the chance to discover the keywords that your competitors are using and ranking for in major search engines like Google. Not only do you have the ability to take those keywords, you can create a unique, high-quality blog post using those keywords that will allow you to successfully swipe their readers! Once you have gained the attention of their readers, you can then work to transform those readers into your own customers. There are many productive keyword research tools available on the market today that will allow you to enter in the web address of your competitor’s blog to determine what keywords they are using to rank high in search engines. One such example is “SEMRush.” By putting in the link to a blog that is experiencing a high level of success in your industry, you may instantly get back valuable information pertaining to the keywords that are being used within that blog to experience high levels of professional success in keyword ranking in Google and similar search engines.


By researching other blogs in the same industry, you can discover what is resulting in their virility rate. That is, you may discover what the readers from that blog are sharing the most. Not only will this allow you to determine the types of content that consumers are most engaged in when it comes to your industry, you’ll also have the ability to determine where they are sharing that content and what they like about that content. In today’s world of ever-evolving technology, there are actually tools available on the market today that will completely analyze a business blog. Upon the completion of the analyzing, you will be able to quickly determine how many shares the posts have had on social media platforms, and the most popular blog – as far as social shares are concerned. You may then use this information to create a similar, but unique, blog post that will aid in your overall success.

Update Frequency

One of the key factors you should look for is the update frequency of your competitors’ blogs. Many update on a daily basis, while others may only update on a weekly basis. Still, there are many that may update only once a month; however, these blogs are typically not as successful as those that update more frequently. Once you discover how frequent the updates are being issued, you should top that by updating more than your competition. In doing so, you are sure to achieve higher levels of business success.

Link Building Strategies

When conducting competitive research on the blogs of those that work within your industry, you may discover many link-building strategies that have the potential to assist you in getting your business ranked high in search engines. You must simple utilize a tad reverse engineering and you have the ability to find out what links are pointing to the competition’s blog. Once you discover this information, you may contact the websites that are linking to those blogs and encourage them to link to your blog. In doing so, search engines will recognize you as a well-respected business on the World Wide Web.


It’s easy to develop a creative and professional “edge” by simply conducting some competitive research on the blogs associated with businesses in your industry. You’ll discover profitable keywords, creative titles, the content with the highest virility rate, and link building strategies. All of this information will assist you in creating a blog that will instantly draw in readers. The content that you share may easily transform your readers into leads. The goal is to take those leads and turn them into customers. Customers then transform into monetary success!