What is Our “We-Do, They-Do” Sales Process?

Most companies only think about what it is that they want to do, they send out emails and sequences that go on and on without taking into consideration what the customer does. Here at Sneeze It, we believe in what we call the “We-Do, They-Do Sales Process.” What this means is that we control what we do, and although we cannot control what the customers do we can understand that they have options.

For example, if we send an email they can read the email. If that email has a link in it, they can click on the link. Also, they can do what customers do most often, which is to ignore the email entirely. However, ignoring something is still an action and you can take account for it.

So when you start thinking of your sales process – especially when it comes to your digital sales process – you have to think in terms of what you want to have happen next. For example, if you send an email out to someone as part of your sales process and they click a link, that means they’re interested and if they’re interested then there is another follow-up action that has to happen. Perhaps you make a phone call. Maybe the call is immediate. Maybe you send an email or another piece of data. If they do nothing, we can make the assumption that they either did not see the email because maybe it went to spam, or they don’t care about the offer. Often times we figure out that if we resend that exact same email to someone they’ll click it thinking, “Okay, maybe the person knows that I didn’t do anything with this email last time.” Then the person opens the email and moves forward.

The idea of really creating a sales process and not just a series of emails that go out to someone can make all the difference in the world from taking a prospect and converting them into a customer most effectively and efficiently.