What’s The Deal With Messenger Ads?

With 1.3 billion users on FB messenger monthly, it should come as no surprise that Facebook has now implemented ads amongst daily conversations.

Whether you use messenger to talk to friends, brands, or brand owners, Facebook users have become accustomed to using this tool for interacting on a daily basis.

With the constant growth and merging of Facebook, IG, and Twitter, brands just keep finding different ways to advertise.

We already see suggested ads on things that might interest us on the Newsfeed, but now ads will be heavily influenced by messenger conversations. Ads will now be inserted in between conversations in the Messenger Feed. Each ad can perform different tasks depending on the company’s goal, but currently it can lead the user to the company’s website, an app, or even start a conversation with them!

Here are some other great benefits:

If you are a company that depends on and utilizes Facebook Ads, this is the perfect opportunity to boost your brand awareness and gain more sales!

Are you excited about this new development?