Why Influencers Are A Golden Opportunity

A blossoming topic of discussion among marketers, brand managers, and companies is the use of influencers to promote a product.

If you are unaware of what an influencer is and what they do, here’s a quick explanation:

Influencers are social media producers (with a popular following) who are hired to promote products or brands and in turn get compensated with money or free products. Influencers start by reviewing and featuring brands on a regular basis in order to generate awareness and establish a partnership.

What are the pros and cons of working alongside an influencer?

This will vary by brand/company, but for the most part, the benefit of using an influencer is that they will give valuable feedback and share the items/brand with all of their followers. This gains sales and awareness of the brand just from having 1 person mention the product! The bigger the person’s following, the bigger the influence.

The potential detriment to having an influencer is that many companies pay off influencers and bias their opinions when the product might actually not be high quality. With as many influencers as there are today, buying peoples’ opinion comes with the territory. Many followers have noticed an influx of sponsored posts with the same brand among many bloggers, which ends up making the influencer appear very commercial. This results in the brand losing integrity if there are too many of the wrong influencers’ posts.

Overall influencers have shown to have a positive impact on campaigns and promoting products, especially when they do it in moderation.

How do you plan on marketing with influencers?