Why You Should Lunch & Learn!

This week we are taking a break from marketing posts to bring in something that is crucial and important to not only owning a business, but working ON it, as opposed to in it. Too often, we forget that an integral part of our company is our staff. That’s why at Sneeze It we constantly work on helping improve the environment in which work gets done. Not only that, but we are consistently learning on how to become better communicators, workers, and individuals.

Every Friday Sneeze It has Lunch & Learn which entails a specific topic of discussion while the staff consumes the lunch provided by the office. Not only does this allow the staff to sit down with one another and interact, but it gives a much-needed break from constantly working, sitting in front of a computer, and meetings!

With all that said, the most imperative part of Lunch & Learn is, in fact, the learning. Last week we focused on communication and ways to not only improve efficiency as a company, but as human beings. Although this may seem to be common sense, think about your company, think about your workplace, and analyze the communication on a daily basis. Does it need work? Can it be improved? We are sure it can, and that’s why we want to emphasize how important it is to have productive lunches like these.

Whether it’s a topic of interest, a goal you want to work on within the company, a stress-relieving activity, or just a fun interactive ‘getting to know one another’ lunch, they are all vital to develop individual and company health as a whole.

How did it come to be at Sneeze It? Good question! The CEO, David Steel, came up with the idea because he wanted the team to have time each week to learning something new or to sharpen skills. Sometimes it was just to have productive dialogue and brainstorm. Most of all, he wanted to treat the team to lunch to show his gratitude for all the hard work everyone puts in each day.

Do you incorporate things like this at your workplace?

If so, tell us what are some of your favorite topics to focus on!