Will Net Neutrality Affect Marketing?

We all enjoy the freedom we have with the Internet, whether it be the liberty to shop at any site, view TV shows and movies through networks, or interact via social media. Do we even remember a time when using the web wasn’t a part of our daily tasks?

This is where Net Neutrality comes into play. Being FOR Net Neutrality entails keeping the internet neutral – a level playing ground for all websites to express themselves and thrive, no matter how small. With Net Neutrality in place, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) like Verizon, Comcast, and AT&T are NOT allowed to speed up, slow down, or block any websites or apps. Not only does rescinding this act remove freedom of speech on the Internet, but the liberty to roam sites throughout freely.

Net Neutrality all sounds great, but come December 14th the Internet may change forever. The FCC will vote on Net Neutrality and whether to keep it intact or bump it back to a lighter version which favors all cable companies and ISPs.

This isn’t the first time Net Neutrality has been threatened in a way which would affect millions of people and how they operate the Internet. In 2015, millions of activists joined together to push back on keeping the Internet free and open. Fast forward to 2017, and the fear of losing that freedom has once again surfaced.

What many believe is that the Internet isn’t really its sole purpose if there are restrictions. Not only that, but many jobs rely on how Net Neutrality works. Without Net Neutrality, ISPs can charge however much money they want for a user to have access to your company’s website, which would greatly inhibit traffic. The ISPs can pick and choose which websites should succeed (essentially which ones pay them the most money). Users would have to pay extra to access both Google AND Wikipedia, not to mention your own website.

Companies’ marketing and social media all heavily utilize the Internet, and there is a very real fear that this implementation will cause their businesses to suffer. A free and open Internet is essential for competition and innovation.

So tell us, are you against or in support of Net Neutrality?