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It’s all about converting prospects into customers—the one measurement most digital marketing agencies shy away from. We work from the ground up, beginning with what it takes to turn a prospect into a customer and we work on converting your web traffic into solid leads.


With the help of Pay Per Click, content and social media marketing, retargeting, and social media engagement, we’ll attract a very specific audience to your website.


Our system allows us to build a highly focused pipeline for each client by using Facebook tabs, web banners, marketing collateral, and database management.


We’ll help you convert prospects into sales with a series of cascading landing pages, A/B split testing, smart mail, and smart links so you can focus on your increased revenue!

"We are changing the way companies are using social media. Our goal is to challenge current marketing conventions and have you walk away thinking about possible solutions and answers."





We don’t believe in the term “one size fits all”. Each audience requires a strategy that looks at where they reside online, what they’re talking about, and how to best engage that audience. Our team carefully crafts a strategy based on Sneeze It’s proprietary technology that combines prospects’ personality profiling with proven sales methodology to develop an approach that delivers the results you require.

Sales Process

Sales Process

Our sales team is devoted to helping you succeed. We take the time to learn your current sales process and update it in accordance with the digital age. After gaining leads, we evaluate your prospects based off of their personality profile and provide your sales team with all the tools necessary for communicating & selling to them; delivering what we call a remarkable lead. Next, we automate the distribution of information to your potential customers based on the actions they take. During this process, our crew also monitors the sales process with our secret shopper program to help evaluate how efficient your sales team works with the information provided.

Drive Traffic

Drive Traffic

We steer highly-targeted prospects [immediately] to a product that interests them through a variety of digital advertising campaigns that deliver the best ROI for your company. Our methods include tailored images and writing, testing of up to 240 ad variations to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time using the right social media platform.

Social Engagement

Social Engagement

Do you know the basic hobbies and interests of your customers? How do these interests relate to your product, service, and/or company? Our community management staff crafts daily messages for our clients based on personality types, interests, and current events to not only build trust within your audience, but also to keep your social pages relevant in order to build trust while continually reinforcing your brand message.

Measure Results

Measure Results

Sneeze It works hard to see what works and what doesn’t. We measure how effective our advertisements, social media posts, and emails are in reaching customers and converting those leads into sales. We then adjust our marketing strategies accordingly in order to ensure that our work has a higher success rate.


As the Chief Viral Officer of Sneeze It, David Steel educates companies on how to Attract prospects, Build a lead pipeline, and Convert those leads into customers. Steel is a best-selling author and online marketing expert who has given speaking engagements in the United States and abroad on how to create successful—and lucrative—digital and social marketing campaigns.

Sought after for his marketing expertise, David Steel helps organizations understand their customers, the online sales process, and increase their customer conversions, which has established him as a trusted social media and marketing resource around the world.

Complete our contact form to learn more about having David speak for your organization.

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Maximize Email Marketing with this Sales Driver

Digital marketing, in essence, is 90% relative to communication. Despite the vehicle you use to deliver a message, each business is communicating some form of a want or need to their audience(s). Today, we’re going to discuss one of the top performing vehicles of communication in marketing: email.

Marketers are continuously on edge, looking for ways to stand out and engage users with their email marketing tactics. While there are many new developments, one technique has taken center-stage — GIFs.

They say that a picture is worth one-thousand words, so an animated one must be worth even more, right? We certainly think so.

Here are a few reasons you might want to give GIFs a shot:

  1. Higher engagement rates – Movement is quicker to catch a reader’s eye and can encourage them to click-through to a landing page or offer, therefore serving a great call-to-action.
  2. Compressed information - Have you ever spent a considerable amount of time choosing or heck, even split testing a single graphic? With the use of a GIF, you don’t have to rely on just one. You can now condense information or images into a single piece of content.
  3. An alternative to video - On the flip-side, if you have an abundance of information stored in a single video but find that you’re losing your audience(s), compressing the information into a GIF might be your best bet! Also, video is still pretty poorly supported in email.
  4. They’re FUN – animation can add a touch of humor or even fun to what was once a boring email. It makes people want to look.

GIFs can communicate your message quickly and tend to shorten and simplify more complicated ideas in just a few short frames. More than that, they’re fun and can completely change the way your messages are perceived. If properly placed, well planned, tested, and made simple, you’re almost guaranteed to see a better performance rate.

Have you tried using animation in your email marketing yet? Let us know and share your successes with us in the comments below!

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The Best Meetings Your Team Can Have

When it comes to any type of relationship (whether it be personal or professional), one of the key factors is how well you’re able to communicate. In business, it’s very easy to make conversational errors; emails get skimmed (if not accidentally deleted), conversations become forgotten, notes get lost. These are just a few reasons as to why Sneeze It has implemented Daily Huddles (aka Stand-Up meetings).

The purpose of hosting a daily huddle with your team is to check in with members about what their day will look like, give them a chance to be heard, and know where each person is on a project. The huddle is not a meeting to plan your week or projects (that’s what usual “sit-down” meetings are for). Additionally, it’s purpose isn’t to report to a team leader. It’s for teammates to communicate with each other and have an idea what one another is working on. Every team member should have the chance to speak and vocalize status updates. This practice leads to better conversational flow and accountability.


Each team at Sneeze It runs their huddles a little differently, but all with the same goal. Some stand, some conduct them on their way to the office and others wait until the late morning – after they’ve given attention to their morning emails. No matter when you host your meeting (though the earlier the better), your huddle should be short, sweet and to the point – hence why some people prefer the standing method.

Here’s some general guidelines to follow when conducting your first few daily huddles:

  • Host your huddle in the same place at the same time. If your team works flexible hours, choose a time when all members can be present and be consistent as much as possible
  • Keep the huddle meeting short (10 – 15 minutes maximum)
  • Put the huddle on everyone’s calendar to keep each other accountable
  • Give everyone the opportunity to speak
  • Do not problem solve
  • Keep it to today

Over the course of the past year, daily huddles have become one of the most effective internal meetings we’ve hosted as a company. Does your company or organization run daily huddles? If so, let us know how they’ve helped you succeed!


4 Things Our Project Manager Learned in 4 Years

This week we sat down with Sneeze It’s Project Manager Erica Tahan, who is celebrating quite the milestone – 4 years at Sneeze It! Since Erica is considered one of the “OG” team members here, we were intrigued to know what she’d learned over the course of 4 years at one of the fastest growing digital marketing agencies in New Jersey.

We decided to pick her brain and ask her one simple question – what 4 things had she learned in the past 4 years?

Here’s what she had to say:

1. What works in marketing and business today likely won’t work (or will at least be improved upon) tomorrow.
The digital marketing environment is so fast-paced and continuously evolving – maybe even more so than the PR world, which I was a part of before starting my career with Sneeze It. That being said, innovation (within each department) is such a strong asset of the business. Without innovation, you’ll always be following in the footsteps of leading firms and agencies. A digital marketer should always be in search of the next best platform, message, design, or measurement tool. As our CVO always says, “we’re often pleased, but never satisfied.”

2. The work is never really done.
No matter how late you stay at the office or how many additional hours you put in from home, the digital marketing world runs 24 hours a day and seven days a week. There’s always more that you can do, but that doesn’t mean you should make like a robot and stay up all hours, jeopardizing your personal life. When you jeopardize your personal life, your work life suffers.

I’ve told many of my co-workers and team members that meeting deadlines should be of the utmost importance, but tomorrow is always another day. The most important thing they can do for themselves is prioritize their work by the deadline, schedule out their day, and do what they can within their (approximate) eight hours.

3. It’s so important to surround yourself with smart individuals.
As intelligent and inventive as you are, one creative mind isn’t enough to make an imprint in any market. Be a part of a team who shares your core values, challenges you and helps you grow both individually and as a team. It will not only help your company succeed but will definitely provide you with a sense of fulfillment.

4. Core values can truly make a company – and they should!
At Sneeze It, we always say that we live and die by our core values. They go into how we hire, how we train, the way we operate, and how we’re perceived by our clients and prospective accounts. I truly believe one of the reasons I’ve enjoyed coming to work each day for the past four years is because I love the team(s) I’m surrounded by. The people here aren’t just co-workers of mine – they’re family.

We’re thankful to have Erica lead our team, and are excited to see what’s in store for her in the next 4 years.
Are you or any of your teammates celebrating a work anniversary this month?


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