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It’s all about converting prospects into customers—the one measurement most digital marketing agencies shy away from. We work from the ground up, beginning with what it takes to turn a prospect into a customer and we work on converting your web traffic into solid leads.


With the help of Pay Per Click, content and social media marketing, retargeting, and social media engagement, we’ll attract a very specific audience to your website.


Our system allows us to build a highly focused pipeline for each client by using Facebook tabs, web banners, marketing collateral, and database management.


We’ll help you convert prospects into sales with a series of cascading landing pages, A/B split testing, smart mail, and smart links so you can focus on your increased revenue!

"We are changing the way companies are using social media. Our goal is to challenge current marketing conventions and have you walk away thinking about possible solutions and answers."





We don’t believe in the term “one size fits all”. Each audience requires a strategy that looks at where they reside online, what they’re talking about, and how to best engage that audience. Our team carefully crafts a strategy based on Sneeze It’s proprietary technology that combines prospects’ personality profiling with proven sales methodology to develop an approach that delivers the results you require.

Sales Process

Sales Process

Our sales team is devoted to helping you succeed. We take the time to learn your current sales process and update it in accordance with the digital age. After gaining leads, we evaluate your prospects based off of their personality profile and provide your sales team with all the tools necessary for communicating & selling to them; delivering what we call a remarkable lead. Next, we automate the distribution of information to your potential customers based on the actions they take. During this process, our crew also monitors the sales process with our secret shopper program to help evaluate how efficient your sales team works with the information provided.

Drive Traffic

Drive Traffic

We steer highly-targeted prospects [immediately] to a product that interests them through a variety of digital advertising campaigns that deliver the best ROI for your company. Our methods include tailored images and writing, testing of up to 240 ad variations to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time using the right social media platform.

Social Engagement

Social Engagement

Do you know the basic hobbies and interests of your customers? How do these interests relate to your product, service, and/or company? Our community management staff crafts daily messages for our clients based on personality types, interests, and current events to not only build trust within your audience, but also to keep your social pages relevant in order to build trust while continually reinforcing your brand message.

Measure Results

Measure Results

Sneeze It works hard to see what works and what doesn’t. We measure how effective our advertisements, social media posts, and emails are in reaching customers and converting those leads into sales. We then adjust our marketing strategies accordingly in order to ensure that our work has a higher success rate.


As the Chief Viral Officer of Sneeze It, David Steel educates companies on how to Attract prospects, Build a lead pipeline, and Convert those leads into customers. Steel is a best-selling author and online marketing expert who has given speaking engagements in the United States and abroad on how to create successful—and lucrative—digital and social marketing campaigns.

Sought after for his marketing expertise, David Steel helps organizations understand their customers, the online sales process, and increase their customer conversions, which has established him as a trusted social media and marketing resource around the world.

Complete our contact form to learn more about having David speak for your organization.

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4 Common Mistakes To Avoid with Facebook Ads

There’s no doubt that Facebook provides an in-depth advertising platform with a broad audience for nearly every type of business. Whether you are a do-it-yourself entrepreneur or a marketing agency, like Sneeze It, Facebook Ads give you the ability to reach your target audience using influential insights, in an effective and cost-efficient way.

After years of working with different clients in various industries, here a few drawbacks that we’ve found and overcome at Sneeze It:

Not Investigating your Audience

Facebook is home to a diverse crowd of consumers, and depending on what you are trying to market, your prospective audience might need some improvement. So it is imperative to spend time and effort from the get go to analyze your niche.

When it comes to attracting your audience, another aspect you want to avoid is targeting an audience that is too broad. An excellent way to narrow down your lookalike audiences is with interests. To help target a smaller and more concentrated audience for your ads, try testing out different interests. Once you’ve found the perfect combination, you’ll have a more focused audience, and your cost per click and conversion rates will start going down.

Not Testing Enough

Ads are not a “one-size fits all.” As we mentioned before, your audience is diverse, but there are still ways to create impactful ads that lead to higher lead generation.

When it comes to Facebook Ads, you have to put yourself in your target audience’s shoes. Imagine what would resonate with them, from the graphics to the headline—you always have to keep your audience in mind.

Take time to understand your target demographic, so you can begin to pinpoint specific keywords that resonate and stick with your audience. It is all about refining and refreshing your ads periodically to become better and reach more people.

Be patient: if you rush this process, you could lose valuable leads, AND ad spend dollars!

Screen Shot 2017-08-17 at 10.06.19 AM

Publishing Ads and Never Refreshing

Once you’ve culminated your copy along with the best graphic for your ad, don’t forget to go back to check on its performance. You might need to increase your budget or, even better, decrease your spend—this is most important if your audience is carefully segmented. We recommend you go back and check your campaigns at least once a week so that you can avoid unnecessary expenses.

It is a good idea to refresh your ads campaign every couple of months to keep it relevant and to help stray away from annoying prospective customers.

You might also want to consider using Facebook’s Automated Rules option. This will ensure your ads are turned off once it’s reached a certain criterion that is set by you.

Not Using your Ad Spend to its Full Potential

So, your ads are live, and they’re generating meaningful leads…what else can your ads give you? WAY MORE! Look beyond lead generation and realize that there is a lot of additional value you can grab from your Facebook Ads.

You can:

  • Collect emails to engage with your customer on a more intimate level
  • Build a social media following and increase your page’s engagement
  • Retarget visitors
  • Get more “Reactions” out of people on your Facebook Page

When you realize your Ad Spend can generate so much more than leads, you can squeeze more out of your budget to better refresh your ads on the next go-around!

Last but not least, are you using the wide variety of insights?

Always remember, data is king! The more information you gather, the easier it will be to curate the right message that will help maximize the performance of your ads while reaching your target demographic.


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Maximize your LinkedIn Engagement and Reach

LinkedIn, like many other social media platforms is a digital soundboard where brands, micro-influencers, and companies go to share information. From thought leadership to quotes to blog content to real-life experiences; the list goes on-and-on.

Publishing on this platform has become noisy, and maximizing your audience reach now requires strategy instead of throwing content up and seeing what sticks.

Nonetheless, unlike many other social media platforms, the LinkedIn community comes together to network and pursue more professional ideas in comparison to Facebook and Instagram. For some brands, this isn’t the right platform to be on, but for many, this is an evolving channel to take advantage of. But how?

Here a few tips that can help take your LinkedIn publishing to the next level so that you can engage with more information-hungry individuals:

  1. Make your Article Titles Short & Sweet!

According to recent studies, the average human attention span is now eight seconds. That means your audience will quickly decide to either click on your article or keep scrolling!

Grab their attention by keeping your titles under 50 characters and make sure it’s to the point. Remember the acronym KISS: keep it simple, stupid.

  1. Add Visuals!

Do you ever read a newspaper article in its entirety? After the third or fourth paragraph, you typically understand the article and move on, right? So do more people because they’re used to skimming information, not absorbing it.

In the digital age of social media, many users enjoy looking at photos, infographics or graphs instead of reading paragraphs of text. If you can convey your ideas in a shareable graphic, your content is more prone to be read, absorbed and shared with others.

  1. Write “Service Pieces” that Teach Your Audience Something

Does your brand, agency or company specialize in a particular area of business? What are some processes that make your job easier? Share these tips and “how-to’s” to provide useful, accessible information to your audience so that they can potentially integrate them into their business practices—this will keep them coming back for more!

  1. Do an Article Series

If you publish content regularly, try and post a series of content centered around a similar topic. In each article try to preview the next article and be sure to inform your audience when the next part of the series will be published. To keep a captivated audience, you have to first entice them.

  1. Cross Promote your Content on Other Social Networks

It’s 2017: you should be part of every social network there is, and if you’re not it’s time to jump on that bandwagon! Why? Promoting your content from one social network to another will help maximize engagement and your virality. When you publish your article on LinkedIn, schedule your content to be shared on Facebook a day after, and then Twitter the following day so new eyes can find it days after the original date it is published!

So, what are you waiting for? Now is the perfect time to start publishing contagious content! With this newly learned information, you can maximize your reach and start building an engaging community today.


workflow blog post

Advice 101: Straight from Sneeze It’s Social Media Manager

Automate workflow between teams and clients with the help of an approval management software. These tools are designed for creative teams to send clients social media content without hassle and confusion.

At Sneeze It, we use GAIN. To learn more about the platform, we met with our Social Media Manager, Amanda, who started as an intern at Sneeze It and made her way up the ladder to where she is today. From the dark ages of sending clients Word documents to automating our workflow, GAIN has become her right-hand program to drive our digital marketing revolution forward!

Here are Amanda’s thoughts:

Q: In your own words, what is GAIN?

A: A collaborative traffic management tool that’s ideal for agencies, community managers or anyone who creates content for clients. It’s the perfect way to get approvals when you need, gather feedback and automate scheduling.

Q: What influenced you to start using GAIN?

A: I started using GAIN about a year ago because Kim, Sneeze It’s Director of Talent, had mentioned that we should check out this program. Honestly, at first, I was a little apprehensive because I was so used to Hootsuite and creating content on there. However, after hopping on a call with GAIN’s CEO, I immediately fell in love and Sneeze It has never looked back.

Q: What are the benefits of GAIN?

A: Benefits of GAIN are:

  • Everyone on our team can collaborate in there, from the beginning stages of copy and graphics all the way to the very end.
  • I love how our clients can have access to all of their posts on this platform as well.
  • Once we’ve finished the posts, we have the ability to share all of the content with our client, and all they have to do is press a few buttons to let us know if they approve the content or request changes.

Q: Would you recommend GAIN to another Social Media Manager? Why or why not?

A: I would definitely recommend GAIN to another Social Media Manager. It saves so much time and spares me the headache of trying to get approvals from clients. In the past, we used to have to email a Word document over to the client and go back and forth through email until we got it perfect. With GAIN, it’s all in one place.

GAIN will automatically notify each team member and client when it’s their turn to review content. Whether you are a one-person or multi-team operation, GAIN will help you manage and approve all your content simply and proficiently.

For a free demo of GAIN, click here.


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