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It’s all about converting prospects into customers—the one measurement most digital marketing agencies shy away from. We work from the ground up, beginning with what it takes to turn a prospect into a customer and we work on converting your web traffic into solid leads.


With the help of Pay Per Click, content and social media marketing, retargeting, and social media engagement, we’ll attract a very specific audience to your website.


Our system allows us to build a highly focused pipeline for each client by using Facebook tabs, web banners, marketing collateral, and database management.


We’ll help you convert prospects into sales with a series of cascading landing pages, A/B split testing, smart mail, and smart links so you can focus on your increased revenue!

"We are changing the way companies are using social media. Our goal is to challenge current marketing conventions and have you walk away thinking about possible solutions and answers."





We don’t believe in the term “one size fits all”. Each audience requires a strategy that looks at where they reside online, what they’re talking about, and how to best engage that audience. Our team carefully crafts a strategy based on Sneeze It’s proprietary technology that combines prospects’ personality profiling with proven sales methodology to develop an approach that delivers the results you require.

Sales Process

Sales Process

Our sales team is devoted to helping you succeed. We take the time to learn your current sales process and update it in accordance with the digital age. After gaining leads, we evaluate your prospects based off of their personality profile and provide your sales team with all the tools necessary for communicating & selling to them; delivering what we call a remarkable lead. Next, we automate the distribution of information to your potential customers based on the actions they take. During this process, our crew also monitors the sales process with our secret shopper program to help evaluate how efficient your sales team works with the information provided.

Drive Traffic

Drive Traffic

We steer highly-targeted prospects [immediately] to a product that interests them through a variety of digital advertising campaigns that deliver the best ROI for your company. Our methods include tailored images and writing, testing of up to 240 ad variations to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time using the right social media platform.

Social Engagement

Social Engagement

Do you know the basic hobbies and interests of your customers? How do these interests relate to your product, service, and/or company? Our community management staff crafts daily messages for our clients based on personality types, interests, and current events to not only build trust within your audience, but also to keep your social pages relevant in order to build trust while continually reinforcing your brand message.

Measure Results

Measure Results

Sneeze It works hard to see what works and what doesn’t. We measure how effective our advertisements, social media posts, and emails are in reaching customers and converting those leads into sales. We then adjust our marketing strategies accordingly in order to ensure that our work has a higher success rate.


As the Chief Viral Officer of Sneeze It, David Steel educates companies on how to Attract prospects, Build a lead pipeline, and Convert those leads into customers. Steel is a best-selling author and online marketing expert who has given speaking engagements in the United States and abroad on how to create successful—and lucrative—digital and social marketing campaigns.

Sought after for his marketing expertise, David Steel helps organizations understand their customers, the online sales process, and increase their customer conversions, which has established him as a trusted social media and marketing resource around the world.

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Twitter Removes Character Restrictions

In recent news, Twitter has made the announcement that tweets will no longer be subject to just 140 characters. Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s founder and CEO, is making big changes.

How does this affect you and how should you prevent the possibility of over-tweeting? Keep reading!

Engagement on Twitter is huge, and this is frequently the medium on which customers choose to voice complaints to (and occasionally receive feedback from) a company. With that said, how will unlimited characters affect this platform? Many fear that Twitter messages may become obsolete and will no longer allow quick and direct tweets to succinctly convey meaning. Other customers are happy that they will now be able to publish longer explanations, responses, and even share possible reviews on products.

Many companies struggle with creating posts informative enough while still retaining the ability to hashtag for the purpose of identifying keywords. Eliminating the need for this balance has played a major part in companies’ support for removing Twitter character restrictions. Companies are now able to share a link to their site, showcase a product, or share a description of features, all while hashtagging!

With these new changes, the take-home message should be obvious: don’t over-tweet! Too often we allow freedom to get out of control. The appeal of Twitter was how concise the posts were, and it allowed members to learn, read, and observe posts in a short amount of time.

Don’t lose sight of that, and remember to keep the reader enticed with your posts!

So there you have it: the pros and cons of this new update and possibly more of a reason to utilize Twitter to market your brand.

Are you excited about the restriction being lifted? Share your thoughts below!


Touching Base On Touchstone

As a digital marketing agency, we strive to make our jobs and daily tasks as clear as possible. The bigger that we grow, the more difficult it becomes to verbally explain every process, task, and expectation for new and old employees – which is where Touchstone comes in!

We wanted to give you guys the inside scoop on Touchstone and the benefits of using this sort of software for your team. Here’s what Kimberly Johnson, Director of Talent at Sneeze It, had to say about Touchstone:

How did you become an advocate and user of Touchstone?

When I started working at Sneeze It many years ago, we were a successful company, but a very young company.  As we grew and started expanding our team, we realized quickly that it was imperative that we document all of our standard operating procedures.  So many things we were doing, we just “knew how to do”.  Then, when we hired a new team member, training became more difficult because all of the knowledge that we had in our own heads, we had to share with that new employee.  After hiring a few new employees, it started to become a bad game of “Telephone” and we knew that in order to scale properly, we had to make documenting our processes a priority.

How has Touchstone changed your work life at Sneeze It?

To be honest, I knew documenting our processes and procedures was crucial to successful growth and efficiency.  However, the task seemed daunting and I felt discouraged.  Our CEO, David Steel, introduced me to a book called “The E Myth” by Michael Gerber.  This book seriously changed my work life… so much. The E Myth teaches you many things, but my biggest takeaway was the importance of working ON your business, not IN it.

David and I both agreed that this book was a game-changer.  The creator of Touchstone, Michael Mills, runs a business called Business Design Corporation.  His company has Master Certified E Myth Consultants who work with entrepreneurs to help them systematize their operations, and as a result, he went on to develop Touchstone – – the program we use to implement the E Myth principals.  After starting to use Touchstone, I could see a huge difference in our team.  Processes were clearer, employees were more aligned, and things became much more efficient.

How would you explain Touchstone to a newcomer?

Touchstone is a program that new businesses and seasoned businesses alike, can use to documents all of their standard operating procedures.  In other words, you can use Touchstone to create, what I like to think of, an online employee handbook (even though, in reality, it does much more than that).  In Touchstone, you can find your company’s organizational chart, your job description, your colleagues’ job descriptions, and the descriptions on how to do everything that you (and your teammates) do on a regular basis.

How can marketing brands of all kind, benefit from using Touchstone?

Marketing brands, and all businesses, can benefit from Touchstone because it allows everything to be documented in a crystal-clear fashion.  Let’s say you are a Social Media Manager and you are hiring someone to help you in the social media department.  Of course, you need to tell them how to do X, Y, Z in order to perform their job effectively.  Touchstone is a place where everyone can log in and share knowledge.  It makes hiring and training more effective, easy, and streamlined.

What is your favorite thing about Touchstone and how do you utilize it most?

My favorite thing about Touchstone is the ability to upload files and videos.  Being in Human Resources, I do a lot of training.  Some of our team works remotely, and others are in our other office – – so I tend to take and send a lot of video tutorials on how to do things.  Touchstone allows me to upload supplemental files, images, and videos so that not only can I document the process of how to do something, I can enrich that with some extra videos or files to help really make it thorough and easy for people to understand.

Does your team use anything like Touchstone in their office? Let us know down below!


Social Media’s Impact During Crisis

Although many believe that social media is a bad influence on the younger generation, with the recent events occurring including Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Jose and Hurricane Katia, we have seen a massive influx of people and brands on social media speak on behalf of helping.

Whether it be famous people tagging each other to donate money, social media influencers providing information and ways to help, or companies donating 100% of their proceeds, social media has been bringing people together in recent times of need. In addition, social media has been extremely helpful and beneficial the past 2 weeks with constant posts and updates on the status of the incidents, and ways to continue providing aid.

One of the greatest parts of social media is how rapidly breaking news is able to spread throughout the world. With so many brands creating specific products in order to donate 100% of proceeds to hurricane relief foundations, and actors posting about their generous donations, many are taking this opportunity to be inspired to do the same.

If you haven’t seen on social media all the ways you can help, below are great resources:


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